restoring memories

We offer advanced photo restoration techniques for just about any need. After first scanning the damaged original, a new photograph is created and digitally retouched to eliminate fading, spotting, tears, fold marks, even missing pieces. Virtually any photo alteration can be accomplished, such as:
  • The adding or subtraction of a person or persons in a group photograph.
  • The adding or subtraction of landscaping/building details in a photograph.
  • Portrait effects (vinetting, soft focus, etc.)
  • Colorization, special effects.
The original photograph is returned to you unaffected as well as the restored version printed on high quality archival photo paper. We gladly offer free estimates.


  • Minor restoration - Minor scratches, fading and discoloration. $15.00 per photograph under 8X10
  • Moderate restoration - Large scratches, moderate fading and discoloration. $25.00 each photograph under 8X10
  • Major restoration - Missing, badly damaged sections with all of above! $40.00 per photograph under 8X10
Restoration Samples:

Hold mouse over photo below to view restored version.

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